Online Projects

This is an online immersive experience based on the erasure of Scottish history and culture at the hands of the British. It includes a video produced by myself featuring music by my brother, Alex Ringo. (2020) 

Step by step instructions on how to complete some of the projects I have created. Custom 3D Printed Amiibo Coins will be on this site soon!

The Oracle of Delphi is calling, will you answer? This Twine created text based adventure game takes you through an ultimate quest. It is free to play online. (2019)

Free to use 3D modeled files I've created. (Page In Development)

Click here to listen to my sound arts! Ranging from sound tracks for videogames to immersive sound experiences!

This is a digital portfolio on, where you can see some of my Javascript processing work. (page in development)

DIgital Portfolio

Click to see more about each project
Jupiter and Lori was a collaborative project with Jasper Jimenez see their website here!