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Multimedia Communications work at the NWHN

As of 2022, Carter has served as the Multimedia Communications Lead at the NWHN, see below to see their portfolio from this position. If you are interested in commissionning any of these kinds of works, contact

Vector Designs

These were all created according to the style guide that was created before I arrived at the network.

With these images I aimed to create something visually compelling and understandable while still adhering to the brand guide. They are meant to be simple enough to be produced relatively quickly and are best served as social media posts. The possibilities with illustrator are nearly endless.

Collage Designs

These images were intended to be more complicated, eye catching, and unique. These work best for advertisements and asks from membership, and for visually compelling social media work. They include found photo, 3D models, traditional sketches scanned in, and digital effects.

Audio Reactive Design and Editing

All Videos

All Videos

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In order to achieve maximum engagement with an audio-only media, adding reactive graphics can be a great asset. All of these are focused on the audio content, while maintaining accessibility and visual interest. To listen to full episodes of Your Health Unlocked, visit

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