aBOUT Carter RIngo

Interaction, Experience, Accessibility

C. Ringo is a MICA 2022 Spring Graduate summa cum laude who studied Interactive, Sound, and Game arts. In 2021 they completed a 3D Modeling Internship at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and were invited back for the 2022 season. They have a passion for theater and environment design and has worked in the past with YGENYK Productions as a costume designer and photographer. They have over five years of customer service and leadership experience. They have many years of experience in digital illustration, digital fabrication, and 3D modelling. Their robotic studies often focus on the concepts of empathy and learning.

They take pride in their "Jack of All Trades" type mentality and leadership abilities. They have been employed at MICA for over 2 years as an accessibility liaison and identity-based event coordinator.

Notable projects include the two aspects of their thesis: Shirley (an empathetic buddy bot) and MANEATER, a set designed for a stage performance written by Madison Kartoz.